Childbirth and pregnancy

Everything to make childbirth and pregnancy a little easier

Childbirth and pregnancy

Childbirth and Pregnancy

Most parents will say that the moment their child was born was the best part of their lives.  A child changes lives of each and every one who is involved.  You give birth to a new life and bring a light into the world.  Whether you are religious or not almost anyone will admit to that being something special.

There are many different ways of giving birth.  Some mothers give a natural birth in a hospital with medication while some may deny the medication.  Others might want to go for a midwife in their home while someone else may want to have a completely natural birth at home with no medical assistance needed.

There are experts in every kind of birthing out there.  It is your, the mother’s, choice how they want to give birth.  After being impregnated you may have around 40 weeks before you give birth but it is important that you start planning as soon as possible.  Some of the techniques for at home births need to be learned and could possible take a while to learn.


Recently a lot of people have been talking about Lamaze, it isn’t a new technique though and the idea behind it is rather simple.  Lamaze involves trying to refocus the mind while giving birth.  This can include massaging, breathing control, and concentration, all of which will help you maintain control while giving birth.

Water Delivery

Water delivery is a method of delivery that relies on our inner nature to feel comforted by water.  Water has been known throughout the ages to have relaxing effects, that is why we take warm bathes to de-stress.  Giving birth in water is also designed to help reduce discomfort and pressure.  Water is also known to help people’s stomachs relax and calm.  Water delivery also helps the baby transition from being in the womb to being in the real world utilizing the water as an intermediary.  When using the water delivery method ensure that you prepare a non-water backup option in case there is birthing complications, further it is not recommended that mothers with high-risk births use the water delivery method as this can be dangerous.


Many people scoff at hypnosis but it is gaining more popularity and recognition around the world.  Hypnosis can play several roles during birth.  When under hypnosis a woman can be made to relax or day dream during a birth to take away from the pain and stress.  It can also be used to distract a person from child birth.

Sometimes giving birth no matter how planned out can be traumatic.  If you have issues with your birth, consider checking out birth trauma.  It is perfectly natural to feel any number of issues and do not feel discouraged from contacting any form of help, even if it is just a friend to talk to.

After you are done exploring our website, try exploring the internet, talk with your doctor, and visit your local library where you can find even more resources on giving birth.